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Project Management

For successful execution of a project a number of strategic decisions are to be made from analyzing the scope, preparing a schedule for the entire duration of the project to analyzing the risk involved and the deviations from the schedule. Simultaneously, you also need to calculate the investment of finances and resources ensuring the project incurs a minimum cost and delivers maximum results.

Depending on the size, managing projects can become quite complex as you need to manage huge pool of resources and complete the task involved within the agreed timelines. Today organizations of all sizes are looking for a competent project manager who can make decisions, mange budget and resources and also build trust with all stakeholders.

To meet today’s business and economic challenges individuals need to be competent and aware of the strategic managerial practices being followed with the changing outlook. To keep apace with these day-to-day competitive changes managers need to be assertive and should thrive to update their knowledge regularly. Typically, Project Managers are expected to lead by example.

London School of Informatics offers a range of management courses to update and upgrade you personally and professionally. The courses offered are of short duration and are delivered at affordable costs. Here is the list of various project management courses offered are:


PMP is a project management courses that any experienced Project Manager will like to do, it adds to your profile and gives you an upper hand over your competitors. The course is designed to...

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Prince 2

Prince 2 is a standard developed and used by UK government. This project management method is now being used by various private sector organizations internationally and within UK. This progr...

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a method that is used to achieve a perfect project. It is a process which judges the quality of project and tries to remove the defects by identifying and removing strategy.

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PLM is focused on covering core areas of successful PLM implementation which includes model-based definition, product configuration, and manufacturing process planning. You will be able to a...

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Agile is a course for the software development group it works on the iterative and incremental concepts. It helps to assess the projects from time to time and introduce the changes if any th...

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a person who analyses, designs, process, executes and integrates a project. This requires a lot of analyses, business problem solving skills, rational and a logical mind....