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Prince 2 is a standard developed and used by UK government. This project management method is now being used by various private sector organizations internationally and within UK. This program will help you in learning project management methodologies as per the Prince 2 standards for running projects successfully.

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Q. What is the purpose of PRINCE 2 Certification?

A. PRINCE 2 certification is a structured project management process that is implemented on all the projects irrespective of the size, type, etc. The course has been designed by collecting the experiences gained by the various project managers, consultants, and teams, so on. It gives an in-depth knowledge about project management .It gives you an enhanced job satisfaction and salary increments.

Q. Is there any validation period of the exam?

A. There is no specific validation period for the exam and the candidate is registered for 5 years only. Thereafter the individual needs to sit for the re-registration exam.

Q. Who all can undergo PRINCE 2 Certification?

A. The certification can be gained by project managers, individuals who want to make a career as a project manager, or anyone who has a relevant experience of 2-5 year in the domain.
A person who has passed the foundation exam is eligible to sit for the practitioner examination.

Q. What is the passing score for the PRINCE 2 Certification test?

A. The candidate needs to score 66% marks in both PRINCE 2 foundation and PRINCE 2 Practitioner exam.

Q. Is PRINCE 2 applicable for only IT projects?

A. No, it is applicable for IT and NON IT projects as well. Be it construction, engineering, financials, etc.

Certification Programmes Add-on:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilizing our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Complete Study Materials, Course-ware and Testing Software
  • Fully instructor-led program with lab facility
  • Facility to conduct an On site testing

Our instructors follow a flexible approach of teaching thus the training methods are altered as per the trainees’ needs. We offer study material, hands–on labs, skills to work as a team by giving more and more team activity or tasks. Various review exams from time to time to analyze your knowledge.

BCI has state of the art training facility and is equipped with world class fixtures and sans peril instructors who are available to answer your queries.

    • Relevant experience as a project manager, or in the field of project management
    • There are no specific requirements for the foundation level exam
    • To sit for a professional or a practitioner exam one has to pass the foundation exam