LSI – Guaranteed Internship Placement in London UK


Gain hands-on industry experience

Our Internship Program helps you bridge the gap between study and professional employment. Consisting of 8 weeks internship placement at a quality British host Company, we will match you to the right internship opportunity taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location.

An internship consultant will mentor you throughout your internship program and monitor the entire process with Mid-Point Evaluation and Exit Evaluations.

London School of Informatics is a pioneer and leading organisations facilitating professional internships in UK.

Internship Training Program highlights:

  • Internship placement of 8 weeks in your nominated profession
  • A dedicated Internship Consultant who will mentor and coach you throughout
  • Personalised learning & development plan with a formal Training Agreement & Evaluation Process
  • Placement into a host organisation – we work with various host companies operating across most industries
  • 4 week and 7 week reviews
  • UK experience in your relevant field of study
  • First hand business experience in UK Business Culture and Environment
  • Opportunity to explore your future career path
  • One-on-One coaching, guidance and career advice throughout
  • One Interview Prep workshop
  • One CV Prep session

Why do an Internship?

You need work experience to get a job. But as a new entrant in the market, how do you gain that practical experience? One increasingly popular way is through an internship. An internship is an unpaid, temporary work integrated learning placement that gives practical, on-the-job training in a particular occupation.

The UK job market is competitive and an internship can help you stand out. The internship experience gives you an opportunity to trial the career you want, develop an understanding of the real UK workplace and add practical experience to your CV, whilst having a mentor guide you throughout. The London School of Informatics internship programs help candidates successfully bridge the gap from study to professional employment.

Benefits of an Internship Program

  • Gain UK experience in your relevant field of study
  • Develop your communication skills and confidence
  • Learn how a business works
  • Opportunity to use what you studied in the course
  • Explore your future career path
  • Add relevant experience onto your CV
  • Build your professional business network
  • Gain references and endorsements
  • A mentor you can call upon for advice
  • A personalised learning and development plan


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