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Our Internship Program helps you bridge the gap between study and professional employment. Consisting of 8 weeks internship placement at a quality British host Company, we will match you to the right internship opportunity taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location.

An internship consultant will mentor you throughout your internship program and monitor the entire process with Mid-Point Evaluation and Exit Evaluations.

London School of Informatics is a pioneer and leading organisations facilitating professional internships in UK.

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London School Of Informatics training programs delivered by industry experts.

To succeed in today's ever changing IT industry, specializations and certifications have become industry standards, which are recognized across the world and are highly valued in workplaces.

London School Of Informatics provides training programs for enhancing the job skills of professionals ensuring continuous success in future. Our experienced training experts have created market relevant training solutions that will take your expertise to next level and advance your career.

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Customer Testimonails

LSI has truly become my home away from home. Not only is the student body warm and welcoming to all, the professors are incredibly knowledgeable and leave lasting impressions beyond the term of their classes. Each and every student knows just how hard we have to work in order to get good grades when faced with such rigorous coursework. This adds to the atmosphere of camaraderie and acceptance we have for one another.

Customer Testimonails

I have met lifelong friends at LSI. From the court, to the classroom, to the sisterhood I joined, there are so many unique personalities that I am so blessed to have encountered. LSI has made me a more well-rounded, knowledgeable person, and I feel I am being completely prepared for when I start job searching after graduation! There is not one thing I would change about my school.

Customer Testimonails

The professors are incredibly knowledgeable and talented educators! The system of advisers, both academic and professional, is also immensely helpful. I have also had very close contact with the dean’s office and the counselling centre and I have found that they truly care about their students. They are also very helpful. There is a wide array of extra-circulars and events, particularly considering our location and size. The student body is extremely welcoming I have had a truly fantastic experience here.